47 Bags!

We live on Heritage Road. We lost a number of trees in the tornado that hit in 2010, but there are still millions of leaves. I still mourn the loss of those trees. You can rebuild a house in 90 days, but it takes 40 years for a tree to start […]


The Monarchs Have Arrived!

Dear Editor, There are hundreds of monarch butterflies that make their way here around the second and third weeks of September, and land in our large trees in the back of our yards, close to Lake Erie. The monarchs began landing in our trees 4 years ago in 2019, and […]


Let’s Be Honest

What is happening in our county with the housing market? Recently, my husband and I put in an offer for a lakefront property in Kingsville. We offered $50,000 less than the list price.  With an all cash offer, no contingencies and closing within a week if needed, it was a […]