My Short Term Rental Survey Journey

Dear Editor:

Earlier this week I decided to fill out the Kingsville Short Term Rental (STR) Survey. I went to Kingsville’s (Have Your Say) and after the lengthy sign-in procedure arrived at the Survey. A quick read of the article revealed 11 questions and a comment box at the end.

I proceeded to fill out the survey, and as I progressed the survey began to get longer. My survey became 16 questions and with a little more investigation I could make it a 23 question survey.

From the basic 11 questions, #5 has 3 more added, #6 has 1 more added, #8 has 1 more added and #11 has 7 more added.

The additional questions added the opportunity to gain more direction for by-laws and regulations. They also revealed that Kingsville council has no idea of the number of rental locations, or where they are.

When I do a survey I like to see “All” of the questions, including the questions the Surveyor doesn’t want me to see. Am I the only one that feels this way?

This STR Survey could have been so much better with total disclosure of the contents!

Kingsville Deserves Better!!

Neighbouring municipalities are 2 years ahead of Kingsville in this journey towards governance of the Short Term Rental sector. With an end of May dead line for the Survey, does this mean Kingsville is 3 years behind? Kingsville Council better move faster on this issue!

Just a Thought!!~ Robert Banwell (Kingsville Resident)

Image by Deane Bayas from Pexels

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  1. Joanne Rivard

    I understood that any business in town is supposed to register that business with the town. I understand that once you register the fire dept will come to ensure you meet fire regulations.
    I can only conclude that these businesses have not registered.
    If you go on Air bnb you can see where these businesses are. Could the town not do that search and send notices to them to register.
    We should, at a minimum, be collecting accommodation tax.

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