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Nature and Outdoors

Environment Week Launches Commitment to Biodiversity Protection

Canadian Environment Week was established in 1971 to celebrate Canada’s environmental accomplishments and to encourage Canadians to contribute to conserving and protecting their environment. These days, the news about our environment can sometimes be disheartening.  Many beloved species and natural spaces and systems are under threat from human activity.  In […]


United States Cox Enterprises Makes Strategic Investment in Mucci Farms

Cox Enterprises has announced a significant strategic investment in Mucci Farms which expands Cox’s controlled environment agriculture (CEA) business through a greater variety of sustainably grown produce and enhanced geographic reach. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Cox Enterprises is a global company with $20 billion in annual revenues and brands that […]


Let’s Be Honest

What is happening in our county with the housing market? Recently, my husband and I put in an offer for a lakefront property in Kingsville. We offered $50,000 less than the list price.  With an all cash offer, no contingencies and closing within a week if needed, it was a […]