Letter to the Editor: Fear And Worry

Dear Editor,

Fear and worry, something there is way too much of today, are two things that left unchecked can control our lives.

First, we must understand we live in a universe of duality. Everything — absolutely everything — has a positive and negative charge. For every up there’s a down and for every in there is an out. You can’t have a Yin without a Yang. You can’t make a battery with just one polarity then it’s not a battery; you must have both positive and negative.

This is the universe we live in; everything is positive and negative right down to the very minute, smallest cell in your body which has a positive and negative charge.

Look at the world we live in. Politically, you have the left and you have the right. We have good people, and we also have bad people. There is nighttime and daytime; peace time and war time; mother, and father. In this universe duality is a fact, whether you like it or not.

With that in mind, let’s look at a person’s lifetime.

From the time you were born to the time that you pass, there are constant positives and negatives. Your lifetime cannot be complete unless it has positives and negatives. It’s just a matter of where the positives and the negatives arrive in your life.

The key is balance, to have the correct amount of both in your life, to make it full of happiness and fulfilment. Look at the Yin and Yang, for example. The perfect spot for perpetual motion or happiness is at the very centre. With so many outside influences, the question becomes how do we keep the balance so that our lives continue to be happy and fulfilled.

One way is to always keep an open mind, make your decisions yours.  Try not to allow mainstream media or public opinion to sway the way you think until you have had a chance to look at both sides of every situation, because as we have discussed above there must be the positive and the negative. There are two sides to every story.

Carl Jung makes a case in his Red Book about the collective consciousness and how it is possible to create a particular future by influencing the collective consciousness of certain demographics.

It is possible this has been done in the past and present (not premeditated, hopefully) by mainstream media in their efforts to bring to the public news and information they consider important, all the while inadvertently creating a future that is one-sided. They are swaying popular opinion; one would hope unintentionally.

Fear has and is constantly being dictated to us, one, because it sells, and, two, because it’s another a way of controlling the masses. The fear of death, fear of pain, will I go to heaven or will I go to hell, the fear of nuclear holocaust, the fear of getting hit by a bus crossing the street; fear is constantly being sold to us every day.

Understanding the duality universe, we must remember that, in order for us to have a happy and fulfilling life, there has to be conflict in the world. We can’t have good without bad; it doesn’t work that way. Unfortunately,  there is often an abundance of one before the other, but the law of the universe will always eventually make it so.

For us balance would be where you consciously put yourself, your mind, how you think, how you speak to people, when you first wake in the morning YOU decide either it’s a good day or bad day. You control your life with your thoughts and your actions; you are not controlled by a news broadcast on any TV or radio station or any one opinion on a YouTube channel.

By keeping an open mind, looking at both sides of every situation, you make your decisions YOURS. With the advent of the Internet and the treasure trove of information available to everyone today, it’s difficult to discern what is relevant and what isn’t because as we have discussed above nothing exists without both polarities.

Kenneth J. Martin

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

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  1. I appreciate the relevance of this letter and the timing. Thank you!

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