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Taste of the County: Iced Coffee Cocktail

Iced Coffee Cocktail

I have some tasty tips for the best iced coffee cocktail. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy with a few coffee-loving friends. This dreamy cocktail is perfect to enjoy at brunch or sip slowly enjoying conversation.

The recipe uses the same method Starbucks baristas use to make oatmilk shaken espressos. Instead of running to the coffee shop, you can make your own at home … and add booze to it. *wink wink* Wolf Head Distillery offers a delicious coffee whisky that makes this cocktail especially delightful.


Sweeten to your liking & add:

1.5 oz or 2 oz of coffee whisky from @drinkwolfhead

Shake it up :

Add everything in a shaker (except milk) and shake to incorporate all of the ingredients and dilute them slightly. Then, you can dump everything right into a tall glass, ice included!

Top with milk of choice: 

Adding milk on top of your coffee creates a pretty, cascading effect.

Ingredients I used:

  •   1 oz. espresso
  •   2 oz. coffee whisky @drinkwolfhead
  •   1 dash ground cinnamon
  •   1 cup ice
  •   4 oz. oat milk (or any dairy of choice )


Pour espresso, coffee and whiskey into a shaker cup.

Add a dash of cinnamon and a cup of ice to the shaker cup.

Cover and shake vigorously until the cup is very cold to the touch.

Pour all of the contents (including ice) directly into a tall glass. Top with oat milk and add a straw.

Stir and enjoy!

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All photos by Rosa Basile-Marrello


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