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Additional Funding Announced for Migrant Worker Support Program

On December 19, 2022 the Federal Government announced that more than $3.6 million in funding is being directed to Workforce WindsorEssex through the Migrant Worker Support Program. This is one of several projects being funded through this program to help temporary foreign workers learn about and exercise their rights while they are in Canada.

The TeaMWork: Empowering Migrant Workers in the Essex, Lambton, and Kent Counties project will support over 8,000 temporary foreign workers in Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent and Sarnia-Lambton.

The funding will be used to help build the capacity of local organizations that work with and support migrant workers through community activities like recreational and information sharing events, providing educational materials and other community support services.

As part of the Government’s broader commitment to protecting temporary foreign workers from mistreatment and abuse, Budget 2021 committed $49.5 million over three years to implement the new Migrant Worker Support Program to better support temporary foreign workers by addressing power imbalances between employers and workers.

Specifically, the Program aims to:

  • help migrant workers understand and become aware of their rights and responsibilities in Canada, through educational activities and materials;
  • empower migrant workers to exercise their rights, by providing or helping them access services available to them;
  • promote the inclusion of migrant workers through social, cultural and recreational events;
  • support migrant workers during emergency situations;
  • foster new partnerships or leverage existing networks to support migrant workers; and
  • help develop coordinated approaches among community organizations, and improve their capacity to provide resources and services directly to migrant workers.

In addition to supporting community-based projects, the Migrant Worker Support Program will also fund reception and referral services for temporary foreign workers as they arrive in Canada at major airports across the country.

All workers in Canada deserve to be safe in their workplace.

Temporary foreign workers have the same workplace protections and rights as Canadians and permanent residents, and the Government of Canada continually reviews activities under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to ensure that these rights and protections are upheld.

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