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Looking for Fun? Joan Murray Barton Recommends Cold Water Swimming

Beaver Full Moon rising featuring Joan Murray Barton, the Colpoy’s Bay Mermaid

Well folks, my journey of Cold Water Swimming continues. It’s been a year now, and I can’t tell you how invigorating it is and how emboldened you become.

You are in such a fantastic position living in dear Kingsville. I smile when I think of Kingsville and the “Meet me at the dock!” we’d call out when we were kids. So much fun jumping off that dock!

If you want to feel your best self, research and think seriously about taking up CWS or CWT(therapy) as it is also called. I’m mentoring two gals up north here and they are amazed and hooked!

Think about it.

I am pictured here swimming under the Beaver Full Moon last night. I’ve been swimming under the full moons since April only missing May due to cloud cover that month. I will continue on because — well, it’s a lot of fun!

Until next month, have fun!




  1. Joanne Morgan

    Our dear friend Joan keeps us amused and invigorated with all her adventures.

  2. bravo .clothing optional i asssume

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