The Monarchs Have Arrived!

Dear Editor,

There are hundreds of monarch butterflies that make their way here around the second and third weeks of September, and land in our large trees in the back of our yards, close to Lake Erie.

The monarchs began landing in our trees 4 years ago in 2019, and this has continued for 4 years straight.  The monarch butterflies stay for about 3 or 4 days until the direction, and strength of the wind current is just right for their progress of migration to Mexico.

Development in the area is a concern especially if the trees they use as their resting ground before their flight to Mexico are cut down.

I have emailed ERCA, and learned that, in Ontario, the monarch is listed by the Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario (COSSARO) as only a species of Special Concern so unfortunately these extraordinary insects are not protected from any development even though their numbers have decreased significantly over the years.

Hopefully, with the planting of their native plant, the milkweed, and by introducing safety measures such as controlling environmental hazards that endanger monarchs and other butterflies, the monarch butterflies will increase in number in the future.

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  1. Just beautiful!
    Nature at it’s finest!
    Thank you for sharing Linda

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