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Joan Murray Barton’s Cold Water Swimming Adventure Continues

I’ve been having a blast on this journey of Cold Water Swimming this last year and the journey continues.

I love it!

In April I decided to get up and swim at dawn every day in memory of our son Graham whose birthday was in April.

Not only did I do that but I decided to swim under that month’s full moon.

That was the Pink Full Moon and that was so special to me that I had the picture tattooed on my arm.

I’ve had so much fun swimming at dawn taking videos and pictures of it for a local photography group I’m in, that I’ve continued to date.

I’ve also enjoyed swimming under five different full moons.

That picture was the Harvest Full Moon last Friday night. I had a bat fly over and a duck swimming beside me. It was special!

The picture was taken at Colpoy’s Bay Dock on the Bruce Peninsula by my husband Tony who was in his canoe.

What I’ve found is, you are never too old to try something new.

This Cold Water Swimming has changed my life, no question!

Tattoo photo by Joan Murray Barton
All other photos by Tony Barton


  1. Avatar Joanne Morgan

    Joan is a dear friend and has kept us informed with posts and pictures during this journey .
    I admire her sense of adventure and bravery to get out every day to follow her dream.

    • Thank you Joanne , your love and support has always meant a lot to me . Stay tuned we still have many more adventures to go . Today I learned that when the water is warmer than the air there’s no time to stand around chatting with my fishermen pals … straight back to the sauna ! Always something to learn, right Joanne ? ❤️

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