Swimming Under a Super Blue Moon with Joan Murray Barton

My full moon swim in August was very special. Not only was it a full moon, it was a Super Blue Moon. And there won’t be another until 2037, so this was my last chance to experience it, I’m sure.

The other reason it was special was, as I was walking in the water, for some reason it was extremely warm. I swim daily at this spot but that evening it was exceptionally warm. Fascinating.

I felt I could have easily swam across the bay with the Super Moon lighting my way. It was magic!

I’m excited to have the temperature of the water go down and continue my journey with Cold Water Swimming.

Since I started two years ago I’ve hoped to spark an interest in this activity as it’s enriched my life so much and it could help so many people but it’s a hard sell, for sure.

Have fun folks and enjoy the beautiful fall I’m sure we’ll have.

Joan Murray Barton

Photo credit Judy Jasper

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