Art Scoop: Brianne Taggart Wins Advocacy Champion Award 2023

Artist Brianne Taggart

Brianne Taggart is a long-standing member of ASK (Arts Society of Kingsville) and the President of New Day. New Day is an advocacy committee about leadership and standing up for yourself.

Brianne has recently won the Advocacy Champion award 2023. It is the first time this award has been given out. The award was from Community Living Essex County and New Day.

Exhibitions and Art Shows

Next year, Brianne will be exhibiting her photos of nature and paintings in a joint show about nature with Kelly Hopkins at Carnegie Arts & Visitor Centre, at 28 Division Street South, Kingsville.

This past July, Brianne had an art show on the back wall at the Kingsville Branch of the Essex County Library, at 40 Main Street West, Kingsville.

She is already signed up for next July.

Relaxation and Pleasure

Painting to Brianne means relaxing. She also teaches virtual art classes to her Community Living friends and enjoys every minute of it.

Brianne is always looking for ways to expand her talents and her outreach. She would love to teach children next.

What’s Coming Up

On September 30th, Brianne will be volunteering at the Ruthven Apple Festival which will be hosted at Colosanti’s at 1550 Road 3 East, Kingsville. Look for her there!

Love of Nature

Nature loves Brianne. And Brianne loves nature. What a perfect match!

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of animals for her to take photos of. Brianne will capture as many of them as she can.

Left Photo: Butterfly by Brianne Taggart. Right Photo: Canada Goose by Brianne

Brianne has a far-reaching touch. Along with doing shows, exhibitions, volunteer work, as well as teaching, she has a generous heart. For this reason, she also donates some of her work to good causes.

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Find Brianne at the Arts Society of Kingsville

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