You Can Become the CEO Of Your Health

M&M Meghan Buhrmester and Marg Wallis-Duffy

What a great day and wonderful experience on July 5th at Ireland Manual Physiotherapy Clinic in Kingsville! Founder of Become the CEO of Your Health Margaret Wallis-Duffy (RMT)  and Founder of Osteosound Megan Buhrmester were on hand for their bone scan clinic.

Megan conducting spine and hip scan on Marilyn Farnworth

The EchoS rapidly generates a medical report that includes BMD (bone mineral density), T-score and Z-scores.

It also assesses the quality of bone microarchitecture to provide you with a 5-year probability of a major osteoporosis fracture.

This is something the DEXA systems in bone mineral density tests at the hospitals don’t include.

It is also radiation-free and has increased levels of accuracy over the DEXA systems.

After age 30, our bones start to lose density, leaving us with a greater risk of fractures. Unfortunately the DEXA tests are usually only administered to older patients and clients, leaving the younger population vulnerable and without a baseline to compare results as they age.

If we are to become the CEO of our health we must be proactive and knowledgeable about our bodies to prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.  Even though it is approved in Canada, there is still a charge for the scan but this is a small investment to make in your future health.

Left Photo: Sample spine graph. Right Photo: Sample fragility score/ fracture rating

If diagnosed early enough, you can take supplements, exercise and improve your diet to combat bone loss. For further information visit

The Become the CEO of Your Health learning hub will be launching soon and you can add your name to the waiting list to be informed when the hub becomes live.

Megan Buhrmester and Osteosound equipment

Do you have  questions? Are you interested in receiving further information? You can email Megan Buhrmester at or Margaret Wallis-Duffy at

Wallis-Duffy is on a mission to educate and empower Canadians to be the CEOs of their health. She is also committed to giving back to charity.

That’s why she partnered with a Canadian company, Global Coin Solutions, and accepts donations of foreign or Canadian coins.

Margaret Wallis-Duffy preparing for an appointment

Global Coin Solutions repatriates the currency back to its country of origin and gives the equivalent in Canadian dollars to be donated to charities.

To date, Become the CEO of Your Health has raised over $3000 for worthwhile charities.

Do you have and foreign currency sitting in your bedside table or drawers that you can donate to the cause?

Don’t delay. Start being the CEO of your health today!


The PHAMCAST Podcast with Marg & Meg has officially launched.

Click here to find out more.

All photos provided by Marilyn Farnworth


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