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UMEI Announces New Enriched French Program

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UMEI Christian High School is excited to announce its new Enriched French program. This program adds on to UMEI’s outstanding academic program and existing Enriched programs in Robotics and The Arts.

“At UMEI, our mission is to educate the whole-person, so that students are prepared to think critically, engage with the global community, and serve others,” said Principal Sonya Bedal. “Expanding our French program allows students to improve cognitive skills, increase communication skills, and build empathy and understanding toward other cultures. Its benefits far exceed more job and travel prospects.”

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The Enriched French program will feature authentic, and action-oriented French learning far beyond classroom instruction.

Because of the small class sizes and safe, supportive learning environment, UMEI’s qualified staff can promote more cross-curricular learning with French, and incorporate it into existing programs like chapel.

The vision is for French to be integrated within the lives of the students, including everything from field trips, to a language club, to partnership with organizations such as Association des Communautés Francophones de l’Ontario.

Students will also pursue participation in the Diplôme d’études en langue français (DELF), an internationally recognized bilingual certificate.

The Enriched French Program will also foster leadership through a languages club, skill development partnerships with elementary schools and events in the community.

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“We know all of our students come to us with different language skills,” said Vice-Principal Darcy Bults, “but with our small class sizes and dedicated teachers, we have a unique ability to optimize differentiation in our classes and meet the needs of each student within the languages stream.”

Like the Enriched Robotics and Enriched Arts programs at UMEI, Enriched French is offered as an option to all students who enroll at UMEI Christian High School. For more information, visit

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