Cedar Island Is Proud of Its Little Library

A few years ago the Cedar Island community decided we wanted a little library. Many of our residents are avid readers. As a community we all did a part to make our dreams a reality! All of the materials and time were donated.

A cottager named John Healsey built the library. My dad Ed Hardy built the roof. I painted it in 2018. There is a designated librarian.

The paintings all depict things that are seen around Cedar Island.

The west purple side is a chalkboard for writing community messages! The south side shows a sailboat leaving the harbour, a tribute to the Cedar Island Yacht Club.

The east side (back) shows a happy person canoeing down Cedar Creek and an iconic tree along the bank. The front shows a beautiful sun and swimming fish.

It took us about a month as a community to build the library.

A resident of Cedar Island volunteered to put  the Little Library on the fence of their rental property.

All the residents of Cedar Island were very proud of their accomplishment of building the library successfully as a community. The property has since sold and the new owner continues to enjoy the hosting the library.

Daytripping in Southwestern Ontario

We continue to love our Little Library.

We are honoured that it was featured in the winter 22/23 edition of Daytripping in Southwestern Ontario.

I would gladly donate my artistic talents to paint more Little Libraries.

I believe it is great for communities to have access to books. It is also so fun to see what is inside!

~ Carolyn Hardy
ASK Member

Carolyn is a self-taught surrealist artist specializing in live painting performances and selling original artwork. She has sold over 600 original paintings and is currently producing new works to exhibit, impress, amaze and inspire.

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