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Town of Kingsville Council Brief from May 23 Meeting

At its May 23, 2023 meeting, Council:

  • Appointed Councillor Lowrie to the Migration Festival Advisory Committee
  • Approved the zoning by-law amendment and consent to sever 169 South Talbot Road subject to conditions.
  • Approved the zoning by-law amendment for 14 and 40 Cameron Side Road with:
    • Outdoor storage accessory to the industrial use permitted
    • Minimum landscaped buffer setback for the outdoor storage from a residential zone of 5 m (16.4 ft.) or as established on an approved site plan, whichever is greater
    • Minimum landscaped buffer setback for the outdoor storage on all other sides abutting an agricultural zone shall be 3 m (10 ft.)
    • Increase to the permitted outdoor storage lot coverage allowance to 60%
  • Approved the zoning by-law amendment for 1666 and 1678 Division Road North permitting:
    • A 100-unit multiple dwelling building
    • Increase required side yard (north) from 4.5m (14.5 ft.) to 9 m (29.5 ft.)
    • Increase permitted maximum height from 11m (36 ft.) to 12.2m (40 ft.)
  • Approved the Part Lot Control Exemption for Ridgeside Estates subject to County approval
  • Approved the audited 2022 Financial Statements, the 2022 Treasurer’s Statement of Development Charge Reserve Funds, the 2022 Statement of Investment Activity and the use of 2022 general budget surplus of $742,589, to be applied to the debt financed balance of the Arena Floor Cooling System Replacement capital project. Council also passed By-law 40-2023 to authorize the submission of an application to Ontario Infrastructure Lands Corporation (OILC) for a $12,000,000 construction loan and the issuance of long-term debt upon completion of the capital works

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Council Briefs are intended to be a quick summary following Council meetings. Council Briefs do not replace the official minutes, which are published following adoption at the next scheduled Council meeting. If you have any questions about the summary provided above, please email

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