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Planning Items for Review at May 23, 2023 Kingsville Town Council Meeting

Kingsville Town Council will review the following applications at its May 23, 2023 Council meeting:

1. 1666 & 1678 Division Road North: An application for zoning amendment. The applicant proposes a four-storey, 100-unit multiple-dwelling structure (condominium tenure) and parking area. The proposal requires a zoning amendment to accommodate. Read the full notice: ZBA / 27 / 21

2. 169 South Talbot Road: An application for surplus dwelling. The subject property contains two structures, and the applicant wants to deem one surplus severed on a new lot. The proposed severed parcel includes two parts, a combination of Natural Environment (NE) and Agriculture (A1). The proposed retained parcel would be rezoned Agriculture – Restricted (A2). Read the full notice: ZBA-2023-10 & B-2023-8

3. 40 Cameron Side Road West. An application for a Zoning Bylaw Amendment. The applicant wants to sever land from 40 Cameron Side Road West and convey it to 14 Cameron Side Road West at a future Committee of Adjustment and Appeals meeting. Before the proposed severance, they must obtain a zoning bylaw amendment to permit outdoor storage. ZBA-2023-4

To provide comments or participate in the meeting, please follow the instructions outlined in the full notice.

Image by Dmitriy from Pixabay

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  1. Marion Higginbottom

    Is it not time you people do something about the heavy traffic in Kingsville?
    With all the new housing and Condo’s being built why hasn’t there been any thought put into rerouting traffic. The traffic in Kingsville business area is terrible.
    Kingsville is loosing its small town appeal due to the constant building of homes and Condo’s.
    Stop taking away all the Green Space.
    Thank you
    Marion Higginbottom

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