Joan Murray Barton Swims Under Pink Moon — And Tells a Tale About Her Dad

Here I am swimming under another full moon! April’s Full Moon is called the Pink Full Moon after the spring wildflower Phlox subulta. It was a beautiful evening. The sky was clear , the water cold (4.5C) — just how I like it! And Tony was my photographer.

I am planning on swimming under every full moon this year so stay tuned!

I also want to give a shout out to the Kingsville Military Museum for accepting my dad Cpt Douglas Wright Murray’s Scout Uniform (hat, shirt, belt and documents) from the 1920s. Dad was very proud to be the first King Scout in Essex County. His uniform is on its way and will be on display soon.

Dad had to leave school in Grade 10. He said that he was caught practicing tying knots for a Scout badge and got kicked out of school!! He always stuck to that story. Sounds like they were very harsh in those days, don’t you think?

Photo by Tony Barton

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