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Covid-19 Assessment Centres To Close As Of April 1

Another milestone in the fight against COVID-19 — as of April 1, 2023, COVID-19 Assessment Centres at Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) and Erie Shores HealthCare (ESHC) will be closing their doors.

The decision comes following a significant drop in the number of patients accessing the centres as COVID-19 numbers continue to trend down. We have now reached a point where volumes are too low to necessitate continued funding of the assessment centres.

“The decision to close the clinics is based on a significant decrease in the number of patients seeking treatment,” says ESHC President and CEO Kristin Kennedy. “It is important to note that COVID is still prevalent in our community, and we urge anyone who feels unwell to continue taking precautions to help limit the spread of respiratory ailments.”

Opened in March 2020 to relieve pressure on emergency departments, the assessment centre at WRH saw nearly 191,000 patients while the ESHC assessment centre treated almost 64,000.

“I want to thank the WRH team for this valuable service during some very difficult times,” says WRH President and CEO David Musyj. “The Assessment Centre was instrumental in meeting the needs of the community during the peak of the pandemic giving residents a much needed alternative to our emergency department.”

Patients can still receive care for COVID-19 symptoms from local Family Health Team Physicians and Nurse Practitioner Led Clinics as well as primary health providers and walk-in and urgent care clinics in the community.

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Before you are approved for Antiviral treatment:

  • An appropriate health care provider, often a pharmacist, will determine if you qualify.
  • If you are deemed to qualify for oral Antiviral treatment with Paxlovid, a health care provider and pharmacist will review your current medications and determine if any changes to your other medications are necessary to safely take Paxlovid.

You may require additional lab work to review liver and kidney function prior to being approved for treatment.

If you develop severe symptoms requiring medical attention, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, loss of consciousness, or confusion, call 911 or go to the emergency department.

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