Rose City Gymnastics Attends the 1st Ontario Cup

Left Photo: Halle Mitchell (1st) and Jaidyn Beausoleil (3rd) on Double-Mini Trampoline. Right Photo: Maria Romero (2nd) and Sophie French (3rd) for Double-Mini Trampoline

Rose City Gymnastics sent 17 trampoline athletes to the 1st Ontario Cup during the weekend of January 28th-29th and February 4th-5th

Athletes must achieve a certain score in either the 1st or 2nd Ontario Cup in order to attend the Ontario Championship.

Left Photo: Jon Houser (8th) on Trampoline. Right Photo: Halle Mitchell, Jon Houser, and Ashley Mailloux

The first weekend of the 1st Ontario Cup 1/2 was held in Belleville, Ontario at Quite Bay Gymnastics.

The second weekend of the 1st Ontario Cup 2/2 was held in Kingston, Ontario at Kingston Aeros Trampoline Club.

These athletes competed on Trampoline and/or on the Double-Mini Trampoline.

Left Photo: Beckem Mitchell. Right Photo: Sophie French and Zuzia Andrzejczuk

Special Mentions:

Halle Mitchell mobilized to Nationals for Double Mini

Jaidyn Beausoleil qualified for Tour Select in Surrey, BC

Anis Ben Anoun qualified for Tour Select in Surrey, BC

Left Photo: Alaina Ha and Sophie French. Right Photo: Sophie French and Coach Tim Mitchell

These athletes represent families from Windsor, LaSalle, Cottam, Belle River, Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Stoney Point and St. Joachim.

Special thanks go out to all the coaches for their efforts, time and dedication.

Left Photo: Coach Tim Mitchell, Halle Mitchell, Jaidyn Beausoleil, and Coach Rob Laudenbach. Right Photo: Coach Rob Laudenbach, Zuzia Andrzejczzuk, and Sophie French

All photos supplied by Rose City Gymnastics

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