Book Review: ‘Nature, Nurture, Nourish’ by Local Author Will Cowell

Will Cowell sailing on the Atlantic Ocean from England to Portugal on September 2, 2019.

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” – from “Invictus” by William  E. Henley

Will Cowell was born and raised in Kingsville. As an adult he has travelled the world for business, for pleasure and for spiritual growth, and has recently come back home.

Will has studied a vast number and variety of writers, intellectuals, religions and spiritual persuasions over the years. He has been bold, persistent and patient, and reached some amazing places, people and positions thus far — and he’s not done yet.

And now he’s written a book which has evolved over a period of five years. His book is entitled Nature; Nurture; Nourish; Immense Suffering, Tremendous Love, Persistent Presence.

We are all our stories and mine is one of honesty, humility, and horror as in an exciting race, or difficult obstacle course. Discovering the secrets of our human experience through three grueling challenges; pilgrimage, hermitage, and passage. 

I’ve worked a wide range of jobs in my youth, from garbage collector, gravedigger, and fisherman to an MSc in Engineering and Automotive Assembly Plant Manager.

I’ve travelled to 40+ countries and cultures, on six different continents. I’ve sailed across five oceans and the equator southward and northward tempting the Gods, Neptune, and Poseidon. I’ve backpacked a pilgrimage across Europe from the French Alps to the end of the world in Spain at Finisterre.

I’ve camped and kayaked off the grid for over a month all alone on the northwest tip of Canada’s Vancouver island, on the wicked west coast with the wild bears, cougars and whales.

I’ve read over 700 books, journaling my journey for 60+ years and spending 5+ years writing, editing, and bringing this book to life so we can share our stories in the collective consciousness and cosmos of the universe.

~ Will Cowell

Will has a very active and creative mind and a capacity for candid self-awareness. He’s compelled to take what he’s learned from other disciplines and philosophies and incorporate them into his own life, combining some of them to create new thoughts and paradigms of his own.

When you open this book be prepared to spend some solid time engrossed in a fascinating life journey of real depth and food for thought.

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Will Cowell ~ Nature Nurture Nourish



Will Cowell, Adjunct Professor and Author

Will Cowell

Will Cowell


  1. Avatar Joanne Rivard

    Will, I’d love to meet and compare notes of the Camino. .

  2. Avatar Jeff Wilson


    I look forward to reading your book. Your journey through life has been a true adventure.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Will

    It’s our pleasure to be able to share the stories of our people here in Kingsville.


  4. Thank you Jody

    I am quite humbled and very grateful to share these stories and hope it inspires others to share their stories.

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