WECHU Update for Students with Incomplete Immunization Records

As of January 9, 2023 there are 9,069 elementary school students at risk of school suspension on March 20, 2023. While great progress has been made in updating elementary student immunization records, these students are either overdue for one or more vaccines required by the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA) R.S.O.1990 or they have not yet submitted their immunization records to the Health Unit.

Many of these vaccines are normally administered by primary health care providers. Parents/guardians of children who received their vaccines from their health care provider still have to update this information with the Health Unit.

There are a number of options for parents and guardians to provide immunization record details to the Health Unit. They can:

!) Submit updated immunization records to the WECHU using any of the following methods:

    • Secure Online Reporting
    • Phone 
      or 1-800-265-5822 ext. 1222 (toll-free)
    • Fax

2) Contact their health care provider to get information and to receive any missing vaccinations. Parents/guardians will need to update this information with the Health Unit.

3) Book an appointment at a WECHU Immunization Clinic. The WECHU is hosting daily clinics at the Health Unit offices by appointment only. Public health nurses will be available to update the student’s immunization record and/or administer vaccines if needed. An appointment can be booked online or by calling 519-960-0231.

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