Point Pelee National Park Reopens to Visitors on January 21

Winter sunrise at Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee National Park will reopen on January 21, 2023, resuming its daily winter hours of 7 a.m. to sunset.

Parks Canada and Caldwell First Nation have completed the deer reduction activity in the park as part of the Hyperabundant Deer Management Program, which includes ecosystem monitoring, deer population monitoring, species at risk protection, ongoing research and collaboration, and reducing the white-tailed deer population to sustainable levels based on the park’s goals to achieve ecological integrity – the health and wholeness of the environment and nature.

As part of our commitment to reconciliation, Parks Canada is actively working with Caldwell First Nation whose traditional territory encompasses Point Pelee National Park. This includes the Hyperabundant Deer Management Program activities that provide opportunities for Caldwell First Nation to mentor youth and strengthen traditional connections to the land, in addition to sharing knowledge and expertise with Parks Canada.

Parks Canada is responsible for protecting the ecological health of our national parks. Throughout Canada, protected areas like Point Pelee National Park have an important role to play in helping protect and restore healthy, resilient ecosystems and contributing to the recovery of species at risk.

For information about winter visitor experiences, please visit the park’s website at contact Point Pelee National Park at or 519-322-2365.

For information about hyperabundant species in Point Pelee National Park, please visit Hyperabundant species management – Point Pelee National Park (

Photo by Mike Gosselin

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