Art Scoop: Cheryl Borkowski Has a Passion for Creativity

Passionately discovering Art in this season of my life. What a joy!

In the past two years art has become one of my greatest passions and joys. Throughout my life as early as I can remember I have been creative in something. It started with experiencing finger painting, playdoh, coloring books — the typical introduction to art that many young children experience.

One of the first things that I created completely on my own where I found the idea, gathered the materials and made it by myself, was a caterpillar made out of a rubber ball, string, paint and thread spools.

It’s kind of funny that I still remember that ugly thing but I was so proud of what I could make with a few recycled materials and I was hooked!!

Left Photo: Balloon buttons. Right Photo: Pink Wreath

But it is since I have retired and moved to Ontario that I have been able to explore my creativity more seriously. I think what I love about it most is the journey of discovery!

When creating sometimes the reward comes from the fact that the final product is exactly what I had envisioned when I first started. Other times the reward is the opposite — what I initially envisioned when I started a project changed into something different and better!

I am only a couple years into dedicating exploring art fulltime and the many different mediums out there. Right now, I feel like a kid in the candy store! For the first time in my life, I had the opportunity to attend a group of crafters/artists that got together once a week to work on the personal projects.

Blue Mountains

I was blown away by the talent of these people and I learned so much from them. One of things that they talked about was dot painting. I knew I had to try this and I love it! I love seeing a pencil sketch of a butterfly, tree or countryside transform into an explosion of color through tiny dots of paint.

Another discovery I made in this group was pour painting. Before I knew it, I was acrylic pour painting obsessed. I poured on canvases, tiles, plates, jewelry armoires and even a large dresser!

I love the freedom of exploring with color “blending” and manipulating the paint with movement of the product and seeing what will happen. I have also created some pour paintings that are very methodical and planned out — for example, a forest scene with northern lights and a morning sunrise in a birch tree forest.

Liquid Pour Blue

Creating has definitely become a passion for me, part of my DNA. I feel inspired and come up with new ideas daily. There are times when I am so excited to experience that next creation that I will wake up at 4:00 a.m. and go into my “studio” and explore my next idea. I am in my zone and the hours fly by.

Currently I am creating art using fabric, felt and yarn. I love the patterns, colors and textures from this medium. I start out by sketching a design on embroidery fabric and then filling it in and making it come to life with various fiber materials.

It is also very satisfying to me to try to use as much recycled materials as I can, so foraging used goods for my projects is part of the fun for me.

Liquid Pour Brown

I get a lot of satisfaction by incorporating pieces from a tattered purse, yarn scraps, a worn-out pair of jeans or a discarded tray or bowl to create a fabric picture, wreath or table center piece. It is always amazing how you can transform something worn into something “new” and beautiful!

I am very new to the world of creating art to share and display for others. There is a lot for me to learn and I am so excited to journey through this. I cannot wait to see what other discoveries I will make!

I have become a member and volunteer at the Arts Society of Kingsville, located in the Carnegie Arts and Visitor Centre. Being a part of this organization is very rewarding. I am able to surround myself with the art created by professional award-winning artists.

Yarn Landscape

The artists graciously answer questions, share suggestions and tips and provide encouragement. Encouragement to an aspiring artist is a lifeline in order to continue growing and stretching and to not give up. I learn something new every time I am there.

I have also had the opportunity to display some of my projects in the art gallery exhibits. When I first presented my artwork to the gallery and they said that they would accept my work for display there was no feeling like it!!

Some of my artwork was displayed in the November ASK holiday artisan show. I am very excited to see where my art will take me in 2023 as I learn and grow, and I can’t wait to display more of it at the gallery and at other venues. Stay tuned!

Currently I can be found at or by email at or by phone at 226-759-3922.

All photos provided by Cheryl Borkowski

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