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Town Amends On-Street Parking Restrictions for Winter Control Operations

The Town of Kingsville has changed its on-street parking by-law to provide residents greater parking flexibility during the winter. Previously, the Town banned on-street parking from midnight to 6:00 am from November 15 to April 15 each year. This ban allowed snow plow operators to clear routes curb-to-curb without facing obstacles or revisiting areas previously inaccessible due to parked cars.

Since the Town only receives an average of 37.5 days of snowfall throughout the winter, many felt restricting on-street parking on days without snow or ice was unnecessarily inconvenient for residents and visitors without driveways.

What has changed?

Instead of a continuous winter ban, By-law 63-2022 allows the Town to declare on-street parking bans based on forecasted weather and local observations. Once declared, on-street parking is prohibited for a period of 72 hours. Any vehicles on the street during the ban period can be fined $35.00.

How will you know?

The Town will send a notice through its website newsfeed and/or social media channels when a ban is declared.

Residents are encouraged to follow the Town’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and subscribe for Town News to receive notices directly to their email inbox.

Thank you for cooperating in keeping our roads clear and safe for travel.

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