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Pet of the Week: Meet Pretty Mom

The Kingsville Times is a proud partner and supporter of the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. As a Not-For-Profit organizing, the WECHS depends on the generosity of our community to help pets like Pretty Mom, a 2-year-old female, domestic short hair cat.

Pretty Mom was a young mom in our care. She was here with her kittens and watched as they were adopted but wonders why she still hasn’t been. She wanted to let everyone know a little about herself, not sugar-coating her spunky personality, hoping that someone might fall in love with her.

“So, they call me Pretty Mom but what they didn’t tell you is that I may be small, but I am mighty. Mighty, full of Tortitude, that is — (tortoiseshell attitude, for those who didn’t know.) Some may call me sassy. I prefer to think of myself as particular. And let’s not forget bossy, that’s right, I am The Boss (with apologies to Mr. Springsteen).

“I will always call the shots … about everything. Want to pet me? Not unless I say so, and if you disobey my direct order, you will pay for it with a swipe. I also have specific terms of residence: no little humans and no other four-leggers.

“Yes, you read that right. I need you to always be available to meet my needs and follow my orders. Think you’ve got what it takes to cohabitate with me? Then what are you waiting for? Fill out that application. Do it! Do it now (and that’s an order!)”

If you have the time, patience, and love for a cat like Pretty Mom, then please visit our adoptable cats page.

If Pretty Mom’s picture no longer shows up on that page, then she has found a home. But you might want to consider one of her many friends who are still looking for their forever home.

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