Kingsville Writer Joan Harder Publishes at 90

The book cover is from a painting by Janet Thomas which she gave to her sister-in-law and writer Joan Harder. It is of the iconic elevator in the hamlet of Altario, Alberta where Joan spent much of her early life.

New book compiles a lifetime of stories from 1930s prairies to present day

Kingsville resident Joan Harder has always been a talented writer, but never dreamed of being published. Family and friends often encouraged her to take this step but it wasn’t until she approached her 90th birthday that she took the plunge.

Once Joan made the decision to publish, the hard work began in earnest.

Last winter saw Joan and her friend Betty Pindera painstakingly searching to locate, fine-tune and print a lifetime of stories. They amassed a large package and sent it to Penticton, BC, where Joan’s brother and sister-in-law John and Janet Thomas offered to work through the publishing process.

Joan Harder, John Thomas and Betty Pindera

Joan’s writings were typed, edited and submitted as a manuscript to FriesenPress where an editor was profuse in her praise of Joan’s evocative writing. Finally, some months after Joan’s 90th birthday, with final proofing and design complete, the book became a reality.

The book’s cover features a painting of the grain elevators that were so much a part of Joan’s earliest depression era memories of life in the tiny hamlet of Altario, Alberta. The artwork was expertly photographed by another Kingsville resident Marianne Kovacs.

Joan’s writing reveals her vivid memories of growing up, moving, losing loved ones, and the happiness and joy one can find in every moment. Through the everyday stumbles and challenges of life, Joan keeps a sense of wonder and a determination to be happy. All readers will relate to and appreciate the optimism, irony, humour and humanity she finds in life.

From Prairie Roots to Lake Erie Shores, My Story in My Words by Joan Harder is available online in ebook, paperback and hard cover editions at FriesenPress, and in paperback and hard cover at Amazon. Or ask to order it at your local bookstore or library.


  1. Avatar Marlene Hansen

    How did we not know about this! Congratulations!

  2. Great! I look forward to reading it. See you at cards.
    Susie Kraus

  3. Congratulations Joan
    Now I can say with pride, my friend the author JOAN HARDER.

  4. Avatar Shirley Lumbard

    Congratulations, Joan. How wonderful…can hardly wait to read it…Garry & Shirley Lumbard

  5. Avatar Rosalind Knight

    Congratulations, Joan! I want to be you when I grow up!! Looking forward to reading this memoir.

  6. Avatar Ann and Charlie McGuire

    Congratulations Joan!
    Well done 🥌🏌️‍♀️📖….

  7. Congrats Joan, looking forward to the read.

  8. Avatar Ken and Phil McNeilly

    Congratulation Joan—A champion curler, a busy golfer and now an author—what’s next ?

  9. Nancy Belgue Nancy Belgue

    I feel so privileged to have heard some of these stories over the years and am really looking forward to seeing them all collected in this wonderful book so the whole world can share in the delight they bring.

  10. Avatar Marlene Dumont

    More hidden talents. I am looking forward to reading your latest ‘Published’ creation. Congratulations Lady.

  11. Avatar Kathy Lucas

    Congratulations Joan. Kev and I will definitely be reading your book.

  12. Avatar Nadine and Larry Brimner

    Congratulations, Joan, so awesome!! I was lucky to be a recipient of one of you poems. You have shown us never give up.

  13. Avatar Marylou Strong

    Congratulations Joan. That is so awesome!!

  14. Congratulations Joan!

  15. Congratulations Joan

  16. How wonderful to see these two special ladies!
    This picture has brought back an abundance of good memories.

  17. way to go!!

  18. Isn’t she a wonder!?

  19. Avatar Gabriela Pahl

    How wonderful! Congratulations, Joan! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and read it.

  20. Beautiful lady! congrats Joan. I would love to read it.

  21. Avatar David McLean

    Congratulations Joan

  22. Avatar Peggy Delaney

    Congratulations neighbour. Hope it comes out in audiobooks

  23. Avatar Maxene Guerrieri

    Well done Joan. When I ran into you the other day in town, it was so exciting to hear you are now a published author! I can’t wait to read your story.

  24. Congrats Joan!

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