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Town Evaluates Traffic Flow with Traffic Signal Changes on Main Street

Kingsville has recently adjusted traffic signal timings on Main Street. These adjustments aim to mitigate traffic congestion in the east/west direction. The latest timings are based on traffic counts collected by our engineering consultant and in accordance with Ontario Traffic Manual Book 12 (Traffic Signals).

You may notice that travelling in other directions at intersections, aside from east/west, may be affected in order to improve east/west travel on Main Street.

Are you finding it easier or harder to travel through Town? Comment on our signal timings.

Please email We appreciate your assistance during this evaluation period.  

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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  1. Avatar Helen Campbell

    Left hand turn at Main east and Wigle is non existent,one car can make it left and watch 20 cars go by.
    This was at late morning and 3:30 pm on different days this week.
    Also yesterday at the Main and Spruce street intersection I was making a left hand turn going north to west the hand sign came on as soon as the green light changed and a pedestrian started walking right away,was in my blind spot,had to slam on my brakes,Usually there is a pause before the walk sign comes on,very scared for me and the pedestrian.

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