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Rose City Final Competitions of the Year

Violet Metcalfe

Rose City Gymnastics attends their first Level 3+ Ontario Championship in two years!

Left: Spencer Maria. Middle: Julia McInnis and Eryka Murphy. Right: Rea Paterson

After two years of inconsistent training, Rose City Gymnastics has qualified 16 athletes to the Level 3+ Ontario Championships.

Left: Trampoline and Tumbling Group. Right: Alaina Ha, Avery Cowen, Nina Andrews

They competed over the week of Thursday June 2nd, 2022 through to Sunday June 5th, 2022.

Abby Joost, Jaidyn Beausoleil, Ashley Mailloux, Jon Houser

This competition was held in Alliston, Ontario. In order to compete at this competition, athletes had to qualify from their previous qualifiers.

Left: Samantha Navarro, Lillian Camilleri, Ella Ukrainyc, Libby Pavlovic. Right: Katelynn Frappier Awards

We are incredibly proud to share that 100% of our athletes qualified to this year’s Championships.

Left: Matthew Clarke (7th). Right: Julianne Clarke and Lola Bautista

They competed against 32 athletes in their respective categories.

Left: Samantha Navarro (2nd) and Lillian Camilleri (3rd). Right: Alyvvea Beemer (Special award Fly Sky High) and Elena El Bakri (Special award Flight, Height, and Tight)

These athletes represent families from Belle River, Essex, Kingsville, LaSalle, Maidstone, Oldcastle, Tecumseh and Windsor.

Left: Sienna Lucier (1st) and Adriana Mikho (2nd). Right: Harper Horrocks

Rose City Gymnastics’ Artistic athletes travelled to Alliston, Ontario this weekend to compete at the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Ontario Provincial Championships for Level 3+.

Left: Aislyn DeHoey (5th). Right: Jordan Park (6th and 4th)

Rose City Gymnastics’ Trampoline and Tumbling athletes travelled to Kingston, Ontario this weekend to compete at the TG Ontario Championships.

Left: Elena El Bakri, Alyvvea Beemer, and Harper Horrocks. Right: Aislyn DeHoey

We are proud to announce that all of our athletes qualified to participate at the 2022 Ontario Championships.

Avery Cowen (2nd) and Alaina Ha (5th)

This will be our last competition for the both the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics 2021-2022 Competitive Year.

Left: Abby Joost (2nd). Right: Jaidyn Beausoleil (4th)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Special Mentions:

* Lillian Camilleri 3rd Overall

* Adriana Mikho 2nd Overall

* Samantha Navarro 2nd Overall

* Elena El Bakri special award for Vault: Flight, Height, and Tight

* Alyvvea Beemer special award for Bars: Fly Sky High (Highest Dismount)

Left: Mya Gordon-McCann, Coach Tom Desslipe, Mckenna Anger. Right: Coach Tom Desslipe, Libby Pavlovic, Samantha Navarro, Lillian Camilleri, Coach Holly LeMay

Trampoline and Tumbling Special Mentions:

* Avery Cowan 2nd on Double-Mini Trampoline

* Abby Joost 2nd on Double-Mini Trampoline

* Ashley Mailloux 1st on Trampoline

* Halle Mitch 1st on Trampoline and 1st in Tumbling

Left: Coach Holly LeMay and Sienna Lucier. Right: Coach Holley LeMay, Alyvvea Beamer, Elena a El Bakri, Coach Tom Desslipe. Bottom: Coach Holly LeMay and her Level 4 Athletes

Overall Finishers:

* Lillian Camilleri 3rd, Adriana Mikho 2nd, Samantha Navarro 2nd

Special Award Recognition:

* Elena El Bakri for Vault. She won the “Flight, Height, and Tight” award

Special Award Recognition:

* Alyvvea Beemer for Bars. She won the “Highest Dismount” award

All photos provided by Rose City Gymnastics

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