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Highlights from June 27 Town Council Meeting

Council Highlights for June 27, 2022

At the June 27th meeting, Council:

• Heard a Customer Service Review presentation from Consultant Dr. Janice Forsyth and supported her recommendations in principle. Administration will now bring forward an implementation plan with 2023 budget impacts.

• Approved recommendations for the Temporary Foreign Worker Housing Study.

• Approved the closure of Jasperson Lane on July 1, 2022, to support Kingsville’s Canada Day activities at the Arena and Recreation Complex.

• Approved a new funding agreement from the federal and provincial governments to assist with the construction of new and improved recreation facilities near the Kingsville Arena, such as a new dog park and improved baseball diamonds

• Approved a new Kingsville Emergency Response Plan which provides for the Town’s response in the event of an unexpected natural disaster or major incident
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Image by QuinceCreative from Pixabay

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