E.L.K. Energy Responds to Recent News and Social Media Posts

There’s been some controversy in newsprint and social media in the last week or so in regard to a compliance order laid by the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) against E.L.K. ENERGY in the amount of $5000.  There’s confusion on the nature of this fine.

The fine relates to an Audit performed by the OEB in March of 2021 based on information in the Cost of Services from the year 2016.  The infraction had to do with field inspection documentation.

Basically, the operations management of that time used a manual system that the OEB felt was outdated, and furthermore, the OEB had called for this system to be computerized for better record keeping.

OEB’s request has since been accomplished and the recommended practice by the OEB is being followed.  However, the OEB made a decision to move forward on their original fine regardless.

E.L.K. ENERGY and the Board of Directors do not want misinformation put out to the public.  It’s easy for there to be runaway stories on social media that hype the story and make the issue bigger than it really is.

Is E.L.K. ENERGY without any imperfections in it operations? Absolutely not.  There is always room for improvement to any company’s operating procedures, regardless of the industry they operate in.

The staff at E.L.K. ENERGY felt betrayed in the way this fine was hyped to the public.  EVERYONE working for E.L.K. ENERGY are hard working individuals eager to make E.L.K. ENERGY progressive and a leader in the industry.  The goal is always to be 100% compliant with the OEB’s requirements and standards.  Audits are ongoing and continuous at E.L.K. ENERGY as in any utility company.

Utility companies are held to a very high level of regulation and rightfully so.  There will always be occasional power outages or flickers and E.L.K. ENERGY is working with Hydro One to minimize these experiences.

Please know that E.L.K. ENERGY is committed to providing customers with reliable, continual and affordable electrical service as their #1 priority.

Ron McDermott
Chairman of the Board


  1. Perhaps this would help:

    How is proration calculated?
    Your usual full monthly charge is divided by 30 (or 31) days to determine a daily rate.
    The daily rate is multiplied by the number of days in that billing period on which you had service.
    The result is your prorated charge, also known as your partial month charge.

  2. Avatar I.A. Nespolon

    ELK deserves every bit of adverse publicity it has received.

  3. Very little of a response means they are still unwilling to share details .If anything the local taxpayers feel again the ELK management cannot offer what is needed so people can come to their own conclusion .It basically say’s Ron still can’t sit down an talk with the people . I’m sure there’s many other things that need to be talked about that can be improved that is not being openly shared ,so the people there need to know how to communicate outside the group or get out period .Old school ways in today’s world are not acceptable.

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the employees. The numerous board members are charging an arm and a leg and we the people have no other alternative electrical energy source. It is a monopoly, which is supposed to be illegal.

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