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Business Unboxed: Ani & Fabi

Hanlu Li and Dominik Skrzypek, the founders of Ani & Fabi Baking Kits

Ready. Set. Bake!

I had the opportunity to interview Hanlu Li and Dominik Skrzypek, the founders of Ani & Fabi Baking Kits.

Established in Windsor in 2017, Ani & Fabi was the first baking kit subscription box in Canada!

If you have a sweet tooth you’ll love these delicious baking kits that include everything you need to make Instagram-worthy treats at home without any excess food waste. They were even featured on BuzzFeed as one of nine must-try dessert subscription boxes.

They’re continuously working on new recipes and currently have eight different baking kits to choose from on their website. At Brightly Boxed we feature two of their tasty kits, the Snickers Peanut M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Brownies, in our Foodie Gift Collection.

We think an Ani & Fabi baking kit is a fantastic gift because, not only do you get to indulge in delicious baked goods, but you also get to enjoy the experience of the baking process.

Here’s what Hanlu and Dominik had to say about starting Ani & Fabi, operating during COVID and their plans for business growth.

Monster Cookie Kit

1) What was your motivation for starting a business?

Hanlu and Dominik:
We designed this company to make baking more accessible for all ages. Spending time with Dominik’s younger sisters, we realized that they often wanted to bake but without the help of an adult, it was a hard task to accomplish.

We came up with the idea of developing packages designed to make the process simpler and more fun. Ani & Fabi kits make baking truly for all ages, and through it, creates an opportunity for bonding among those who bake together.

As children, we want to be able to participate and not be told we’re too young. These kits are our way of empowering those who are young and determined. We may be just starting out on our mission, but we are set on accomplishing it. And with it we want to bring a smile to everyone who comes in contact with our company.

2) Who are your target clients?

Hanlu and Dominik:
Anybody who loves to bake! Families who want to spend some quality time together and have fun. As well as people who don’t want excessive food stored at home but want to have desserts with all the ingredients.

Softie Monster Cookie Kit

3) How would you describe your services and/or products in 200 words or less?

Hanlu and Dominik:
We operate as a meal kit service for desserts and promote the activity of family and friend bonding over baking together.

Our company designs, builds and delivers baking kits to our customers, ensuring that the baking activity is kept simple, convenient and fun, while delivering high-quality ingredients in the correct proportions to eliminate food waste.

4) What do your clients say about your business?

Hanlu and Dominik:
The desserts are easy to make, delicious and Instagram-worthy.

It’s a great idea for a date night and a wonderful idea for people who don’t want to run around and find ingredients.

5) What are your plans for business growth?

Hanlu and Dominik:
In addition to developing new baking kits, we’re also expanding into a more B2B model. We work directly with companies to create boxes for their employees or customers. This way it is easier for us to plan exactly how many ingredients we need and how much lead time we have.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Brownies with Pecans

6) How has COVID affected your business and what have you done to COVID-proof your business?

Hanlu and Dominik:
COVID caused some supply shortages for us. Ingredients and packaging materials are more expensive and need a longer time to source. We have to plan ahead a lot more to avoid waste and additional costs.

7) What advice would you give to others who might be considering starting a business?

Hanlu and Dominik:
Do your research, talk to mentors, and take the first step. Be able to adapt, and do what makes you passionate, without losing sight of the ability to change if the idea needs finesse.

8) How do our readers find you?

Hanlu and Dominik:
Find us on Facebook and Instagram

Our website is:

~ Contact Ani & Fabi ~

Ani & Fabi

Ani & Fabi



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