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Sedona Pointe Home Association Steps Up For Kingsville Food Bank

Laurie Cowper and Dawn Doyle with neighbourhood donations

Kingsville is fortunate to have so many residents ready to lend a helping hand to our community organizations. Recently, the Sedona Pointe Home Association joined the roster of charitable givers. The recipient was the Kingsville Community Food Bank.

Social committee members for the home association, Dawn Doyle and Laurie Cowper, coordinated the event. They also arranged for the collection and delivery of food items on behalf of neighbours living in Sedona Pointe.

When asked why the residents decided to come together to support the event, organizer Dawn Doyle said, “I felt that our little community of neighbours had a giving heart, so l spoke to a few people about supporting our town with a canned food drive. Our street is comprised of home owners from different parts of Ontario that have chosen to make Kingsville their home.”

After flyers were printed and delivered to all 26 units in the residential development, neighbours prepared for the drop-off date. When the time came, they made their deliveries to the homes of Dawn and Laurie, who were both overwhelmed with the support they received.

Dawn is still in awe that people who don’t really know each other can form a bond of togetherness when working to assist others. As she says, “Love where you live. Give if you can.”

The ladies have plans for another canned goods collection in February and again in October, 2022.

At the moment, these community-minded citizens have set their eyes on the next big holiday and hope to help one or two area families have a jolly Christmas.

Congratulations Dawn and Laurie on a job well done!

If you would like to give to the our Food Bank, please see the list of items needed this month:

Kingsville Community Food Bank’s November Needs

Dish Soap
Fruit Cups
Canned Vegetables
Saltine Crackers
Mushroom Soup
Pasta Sauce
Canned Tomatoes

Photos by Dawn Doyle

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