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Local White Tail Beaver Scout Uses Book Sales to Achieve North Star Award

Sierra celebrates a successful two-day book drive in front of Gosfield North Public School

Our local Scouts have been busy and none more than Sierra, a White Tail Beaver with 2nd Cottam Scouting.

Sierra has created a project called “Love, Help, Donate,” a name she selected after an arduous Google search. The goal of her project is to help children who are in the hospital.

Sierra is also hoping to receive the North Star Award, the highest achievement a Beaver Scout can attain.

She worked on this project under the leadership of Scouters Jen, Crystal and Dan, otherwise known as TicTac, Bubbles and Ringtail of 2nd Cottam Scouting. Sierra has received support and donations from family, friends and other scouting youth as well as from members of the local community.

So far, her project has been very successful.

Sierra reads one of  over 300 books collected during her book drives

Gosfield North Public School, where Sierra is a student, has been very supportive of her volunteer activities. The school principal helped her organize a successful used book and new battery drive.  This two-day event was promoted on the school announcements.

Sierra also received support from the Rotary Club of Cottam. In November, Rotary organized an evening event which included a used book drop-off and presentation by Sierra to Club members where she explained her project and goals.

This past weekend, Sierra organized a used book sale and battery drive at the Cottam Rotary Park.

Sierra and Crystal enjoyed a successful book sale at Cottam Rotary Park on November 27

Members of the public stopped by to peruse the more than 300 books that Sierra has accumulated by her hard work and dedication to the cause. Some visitors dropped of decks of cards and new batteries which will go directly to the hospitalized children.

With funds raised from the used book sale, Sierra has a couple of ideas in mind. She is aiming to purchase more new items for children in the hospital or donate the money to the Windsor Regional Hospital to purchase needed equipment for children. She will present her donations to the Windsor Regional Hospital on December 8.

Sierra is very grateful for all of the support she has received to date.

Photos courtesy of Crystal Heinrichs

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