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Lions Club Environmental Tips: How To Help From Your Kitchen

The Lions Club of Kingsville focuses on the environment as one of its areas of service. This week, they offer some simple tips to help the environment from your kitchen. If you’re interested in making your kitchen more environmentally friendly, think about these easy suggestions:

1. By preparing a menu for the week and making proper grocery lists, you can help by reducing food waste.
A UN report estimates the average Canadian wastes 79 kilograms of food per year. (Read the report UNEP Food Waste Index Report 2021 to learn more.) You will also be using less gas when driving to the grocery store if you only go once a week. This not only helps the environment but saves you time and money, as well.

2. Compost leftover produce, coffee grounds, eggshells and tea bags.
If you cannot compost, contact for compost pickup.

3. Eat less meat to help the environment.
This is because cows, sheep and other grazing animals produce greenhouse gas emissions in the form of methane gas. In 2013, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations estimated that 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by meat production and livestock farming.

(Check out their report Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock to find out more.)

4. When cooking a meal, make a double batch and freeze one.
These can be frozen in glass containers. This simple step saves on hydro and natural gas costs.

5. Don’t use microwave popcorn sold in separate bags which create unrecyclable waste.
Some microwave popcorn also contains unhealthy palm oil. Instead, buy a popcorn maker and popcorn kernels for very little waste and a healthier snack.

6. Avoid excess food packaging and remember that styrofoam is not recyclable.
Rather than buying salads in bags, look for the clam shell packaging.

More tips next month from Kingsville Lions Club!

Photo by Lenka Dzurendova on Unsplash



  1. Another great article by the Lions, all good tips and great facts.

  2. Great Article and Wonderful suggestions on helping to reduce waste on a daily basis!

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