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Items for Consideration at September 21 Committee of Adjustment Meeting

The Committee of Adjustment will consider the following applications at its September 21, 2021 meeting. This meeting starts at 6:00 pm via zoom.

738 Dix Alley – Minor variance application to reduce the front yard setback requirement for a new house on the property. A / 10 / 21

222 Road 10 – Minor variance application to increase the permitted height requirements for a new pole barn. A / 13 / 21

1421 Road 2 W – Consent application to sever the house 1421 Road 2 W as surplus to the owner, and the remaining farmland will be added as a lot addition to the neighbouring farm at 1379 Road 2 W.  B / 16 / 21

1723 Regent Street – Consent application to request a piece of the property from 1723 Regent Street be severed and added to 1727 Regent Street to accommodate the construction of a new house. B / 18 / 21

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Image by Junjira Konsang from Pixabay

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