Here’s How to Download Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record

If you need a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record and you have a valid Green Ontario health card you can go to and enter your information to re-download your record.

Please be patient as a lot people are attempting to do this and it may take several tries to access it.

I would recommend downloading and saving it to your phone before you need it as it could be a lengthy process.

Image by Lenny Löwenstern from Pixabay



  1. What if you don’t own a smart phone? I have a flip phone (no data) , but chose to put my Fido data plan on my 9 inch tablet…twice the monthly gigs for the same money, and the $400.00 Samsung tablet was free with the deal…but…who carry’s around a 9 inch talet? i thought the gov’t was going to issue a permanent, embossed ‘smart card’ style vaccine passport…Why should i be forced to give up this sweet data deal i spent time negotiating to get?

    • If you have your COVID-19 vaccination record you don’t need anything else. I won’t be putting it on my phone either. I will just keep the pages I got at the pharmacy with me whenever I might need them.

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