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New Pilot Project Permitting Golf Cars on Pelee Island

(PELEE ISLAND, ON) -On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, a new pilot project regulation under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) to permit the use of golf cars on Pelee Island came into effect.

The Township of Pelee Island has approved By-laws governing the operation of golf cars on the island.

The Ten-year pilot project announced by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), golf cars will be considered motor vehicles and all (HTA) rules of the road and penalties will apply, golf cars will not be required to be registered, plated and are exempt from having to have automobile insurance.

The Township of Pelee Island have implemented a set of requirements that must be met to be able to obtain a municipal permit to allow the operation on Pelee Island. They can be found on the Townships website www.pelee.org. Without the municipal permit, golf cars will not be permitted to be operated on roadways on the Island.

Under the HTA, here are the new set of operating requirements:


·        Driver must have a valid Ontario drivers licence

·        Only permitted on Pelee Island

·        Only permitted to operate on roads with a maximum road speed limit of 50 km/h

·        Cannot be driven during the months of December, January, February and March in any year

·        Cannot be capable of going 32 kilometers per hour or faster on a level surface

·        Cannot tow other vehicles

·        Required to display a slow moving sign mounted on the rear of the vehicle

·        Cannot carry passengers under eight years of age

·        During the period that begins one-half hour before sunset and ends one half-hour after sunrise, vehicle are required to have adequate nighttime lighting

·        Cannot carry any combustible fuel except in the fuel tank (if equipped with one)

·        Must be operated in the right-most lane

·        Operators are subject to all Highway Traffic Act rules of the road and penalties.


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind motorists that operating golf carts on the road must be done so in a safe and responsible manner. A golf car is still considered a motor vehicle under the Criminal Code of Canada and laws governing impaired driving will be enforced.

 “In support of the Township of Pelee and the Ministry of Transportation, the Ontario Provincial Police requests that citizens comply to all Operating Requirements under this new Pilot Project to permit the use of Golf Cars on Pelee Island,. Strict adherence to all laws will ensure our commitment to public safety and the lawful enjoyment of the largest Island in Lake Erie and the southern most populated point in Canada. The rules pertaining to the use of Golf Cars on Pelee Island is a requirement under law and enforcement will be applied to those not in compliance.

Thousands of tourists visit Pelee Island each year to enjoy not only the hospitality, but the rich history that is treasured by the residents of Pelee. I encourage everyone to abide by all the laws and help to make this a successful Pilot Project so others can continue to enjoy this unique opportunity.”  – Inspector Glenn Miller, Detachment Commander, Essex County O.P.P.

~ Image by mmorris76 from Pixabay


  1. Does this mean that we will be able to take the ferry without our car and rent a golf cart to get around the island when we get there?

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