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Food For Thought: Chuckwagon Restaurant Review

Oh, how I miss dining in restaurants! The people, the atmosphere, the eating of delicious food I didn’t have to think of and then prepare. The spending that little bit longer to brush my hair and put on a bit of lipstick. The ever-popular leaving o’ the mess and the dishes.

These days will come again, I’ve no doubt. But in the meantime I’ve decided to go on a personal quest — to bravely and selflessly eat at as many local restaurants as I can, until this pandemic ends.

In this way I can take a break from cooking, while also supporting local business and contributing to the livelihoods of some of our friends and neighbours. I can then share my experiences with you, the reader.

What qualifies me to be a food reviewer, you may ask? I eat food. Repeatedly. Every day. Also, I thought of it first.

My first foray then into the arena of restaurant reviewing was at the Chuckwagon Restaurant in Kingsville.

We ordered by phone and by the time we drove from home our food was ready. I ordered the Reuben sandwich with a side of Thousand Island dressing. It tasted exactly right. It was delicious.

My husband (let’s call him Steve) ordered the three-piece broasted chicken basket with fries. Now, broasted chicken was not a dish or a method of preparation I had heard of prior to moving here. It was scaldingly delicious, meaning you’d risk burning your mouth because you can’t wait for it to cool off. It’s that good.

Steve also ordered the mini spaghetti to try. He has never ordered spaghetti from a restaurant in all the time I’ve known him, and I don’t know what possessed him to this time but he loved it. A lot.

We finished off with a piece of banana cream pie to share. Sharing is something I typically excel at, however this was a challenge. I covetously eyed every spoonful that went into Steve’s mouth. It was one of the best slices of pie I’ve ever tasted.

Overall, I’d say my experience was excellent. The food was great. It was … familiar … and by that I mean it tasted like I thought it would. It is simply tasty, comforting fare.

Thank you Chuckwagon, for feeding us quickly, safely and deliciously. When we didn’t want to feed ourselves.

Perhaps some day soon you won’t want to feed yourself either. In that event, I’d recommend you try the Chuckwagon Restaurant.

The Chuckwagon’s Contact Information:

32 Main St. West,

(519) 733-2395





Photos provided by Chuckwagon Restaurant


  1. Avatar Nancy Beltaire

    What a marvelous review!! —well-written, entertaining, and successful in piquing my interest to make that my first food stop in Kingsville when the US/Canada border opens again.

  2. The Triferis -Mucci Family and The Chuckwagon Restaurant are part of our community’s DNA. Each visit you are greeted by a kind & welcoming staff and delicious food from the kitchen team, ‘breakfast at The Chuck’ is a part of the Kingsville experience that we cannot wait to get back to!

  3. My friend Beth Ann Meloche put me into the Greek salad and I dream about that salad from time to time. Delish!!

  4. They make an amazing grilled chicken Greek salad with pita! Their chicken Gyro is amazing as well!! 2 of my most favourites. My hubby loves the soup and burgers! Great breakfasts as well!

  5. Always our favourite place for breakfast! Always great being greeted by Julie as she ran around refilling coffee cups and taking orders. This place really gives the home town feeling! Can’t wait to visit again!

  6. Avatar Sandi Watson

    The Chuck Wagon restaurant is one of Kingsville’s best places to eat and there are many. Their Greek salad is the best in Windsor/Essex. They are our go to restaurant when we have large groups or just want a home cooked meal any day of the night! Julie and her family are the best!

  7. Chuck wagon is our go to! Always consistent, always good!

  8. So, Jo lives with Steve AND Bob? … Hmmm. Interesting.

    • Haha no polyamory going on here , Bob is my cat, I can’t really call him my pet as he’s more like a roommate I clean up after.

  9. Thank you so much for thinking of us for the review. We are honoured that we are the first restaurant you wanted to write about. We hope that restrictions will be lifted and be able to serve all of our valued customers and welcome the new ones that we will gain.
    Thank you again.

  10. Love Chuckwagon! And the staff and owners are great!

  11. Avatar Paul Andrews

    We always enjoy Chuckwagon Restautant. Good food and a varied menu to choose from.

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