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K.D.H.S. TECH ZONE Students Deliver Pre-COVID Doll House Order

As a wrap-up to the first quadmester, Kingsville District High School TECH ZONE students delivered a pre-COVID order today. Just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Kingsville Fire Department Training Officer Jeromy Garant commissioned K.D.H.S. TECH ZONE students to build three Palmer’s Doll Houses.

According to Garant, these structures can be used as a part of a training regiment to show fire dynamics and how to better control and extinguish fires.  This type of prop can help firefighters both locally and abroad make better decisions to ensure firefighter safety.

“We assumed that our order had been lost as a result of the COVID-19 school closures,” Garant said, “so we were thrilled to hear that the order had been picked up by this year’s students and completed.”

Photos provided by Matt Daudlin

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  1. Avatar Darlene Daudlin

    So pleased and proud of the staff and students of KDHS for their participation in and assistance to the community. It teaches so much more than just the subject itself.

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