Cedar Island Yacht Club: Kingsville’s Buoy Band

Cedar Island Yacht Club’s mighty tug boat “Little Toot” was pressed into service for its final duty of the year.

Through the summer channel markers guide boaters from the perils of a capricious Lake Erie into the Cedar Island channel and the safe harbour that awaits.

Every year it is the responsibility of the Cedar Island Yacht Club to remove these buoys and place them on dry land for the winter hiatus.

This year’s crew took advantage of a beautiful warm spell which set most sailors to winging about pulling their boats too early. This swarthy group¬†performed the task with glee. The thousands of zebra mussels that perished were less gleeful.

The Buoy Band from left to right:

Bo “smooth sailing” Schaefer

Dave “Ise the b’y” Bowring

Craig “the mayor” Canniff

Brian “hot chilli” Isaacs

Photos by Warren Ritchie

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