Local Woman Is Face of Kingsville’s New Cross-Country Tourism Asset

On Thursday, July 4, 2024, SK Cornerstone unveiled its new truck trailer, revealing the Town of Kingsville’s new tourism asset featuring local business owner and resident Jessica Muzzin as its model.

The truck drives routes across Canada and the USA and will showcase Kingsville as a prime destination for visitors seeking a unique vacation experience.

“Our marketing concept focuses on four key tourism pillars: taste, indulge, inspire, and explore,” said Kingsville’s Economic Development and Tourism Officer, Sue Rice. “SK Cornerstone approached us with the idea of taking those visuals on the road, and we wanted a real community member for our creative.”

When she’s not posing for marketing campaigns, Muzzin has been on her own journey, working toward opening her new business in Town.

“It’s called ALTR THRIFT SHOP. Our hybrid thrift and consignment model allows us to curate a diverse selection of unique pieces, from clothing and accessories to books and housewares,” she said.

Muzzin is a life-long resident of Kingsville who was excited to participate in this unique opportunity.

“I know how special this community is,” she said. “I jumped at the chance to take part in such a great initiative to show off our beautiful town and invite others to experience what we have to offer.”

SK Cornerstone is known for its innovative logistics solutions and commitment to supporting local communities. This project highlights the value of collaboration with groups working to support the region’s economic activity, local business, and development.

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