July’s Art on Display! See What’s Happening at Kingsville Library

Art Display for July is from Sandy Hernandez

Sandy Hernandez is a proud resident of Kingsville. She is a retired Realtor who has helped many families find their dream homes. Since hanging up her real estate hat she has enjoyed her days painting, sewing, and hitting the golf course. Sandy’s life is a testament to the power of passion and creativity.

Sandy’s artistic journey is marked by her contributions to both personal and community projects. She has painted several enchanting wall murals for nurseries and children’s rooms’ bringing vibrant colors and whimsical designs to life. Her sewing skills are equally impressive; she has designed and crafted exquisite figure skating outfits and competition dresses, showcasing her keen eye for detail and love for the art of garment creation.

Family plays a central role in Sandy’s life. She is the proud grandmother of five, including two little girls for whom she has lovingly made countless fun and adorable outfits. Her creativity also extends to local theatre scene, where she worked on numerous productions, sewing costumes and painting props, enriching the community with her talents.

In the past decade, Sandy has focuses more intensively on painting. She has explored various mediums, including oils, acrylics, alcohol inks and watercolors. However her heart lies in watercolors, which she finds the most joy and fulfillment. Sandy’s dedication to her craft fills her days with purpose and happiness.

Sandy Hernandez’s story is one of creativity, family, and unwavering passion for the arts. Her contributions continue to inspire those around her, demonstrating that the joy of creating has no bounds.


Sandy Hernandez
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