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Death Investigation In Harrow – Cause of Death Determined

Investigators have identified the cause of death for the four individuals in the death investigation in Harrow.

Postmortem examinations have determined the cause of death as gunshot wounds for 41-year-old Carly STANNARD-WALSH, 13-year-old Madison WALSH and 8-year-old Hunter WALSH. The cause of death for 42-year-old Steven WALSH has been determined as a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

There is no imminent threat to public safety, although the OPP reminds all members of the public to be aware of their personal safety at all times.

Members of the Essex County Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) began the investigation on June 20, 2024, after receiving a request to check on the well-being of a person at the home, which led to the discovery of the deceased individuals.

The investigation by the Essex County OPP Crime Unit remains ongoing under the direction of the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch, with assistance from OPP Forensic Identification Services, and in conjunction with the Office of the Chief Coroner and the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service.

The initial investigation has determined that this is a case of intimate partner violence (IPV). IPV is a serious and prevalent problem. IPV involves the use of physical, psychological or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship. However, these actions are not always physical and can involve emotional and psychological abuse, economic control or coercive control. The OPP encourages anyone who is experiencing IPV to contact police or your local Ontario Victim Services branch to develop a safety plan.

Any person with information regarding this investigation should contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you may contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or ontariocrimestoppers.ca.

Click here to watch the OPP statement: https://x.com/OPP_WR/status/1809705411647291658


  1. in repsonse to Randy, probably the worst time to tie in your complaints about the government to a family’s tragedy. Furthermore I think they were far from struggling with a 4 car garage. Your assumptions and your agenda are pathetic.

  2. margaret baker

    Randy J….keep your politics to yourself!!!! The familes on BOTH sides are devastated. Don’t you dare use this as a soap box!

  3. makes me wonder if the pressure on these young families is just to much to bare for many. the inflation,the cost of food. the cost of Rent and housing. This liberal Government has done a awful job supporting low income and struggling families. In hopes of one day being held accountable and responsible to the deaths of many people that fall in this category.

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