Kingsville Tennis Association Youth League Hits the Courts

The Kingsville Tennis Association was formed in 1968, and for more than 50 years it has been organizing adult league tennis in Kingsville.

But now KTA is happy to announce the launch of its first ever youth league that plays weekly tennis matches.

Kingsville Tennis Association is super proud to introduce its new Youth League!

Here are a few pictures of its members.

As you can see we have some great players on the court.

There should be some competitive games coming up in the near future!

Everyone is welcome to come out to watch and cheer them on.

The youth league tennis players are supported by Coach Derek Tomkins, KTA Executive Member Ron Zimmer and Coach Al Abes.

Youth Lessons Have Begun!

Coach Al Abes hit the courts giving lessons early Saturday mornings with these two groups of young players.

Our KTA Beginner Youth

These morning lessons with Coach Al are going very well.

They’re proving to be very popular, with lots of  drills and lots of fun.

Our Intermediate Youth

If you want to check out this new league, Monday games take place between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.

These players are the future of KTA!

Kingsville Tennis Association:
1741 Jasperson Drive
Kingsville, Ontario
N9Y 2E4


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