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Butterfly Release Memorial to Honour Loss Of Children And Infants

The Erie Shores HealthCare Spiritual Care Committee is extending a heartfelt invitation to the community for a special event to commemorate the lives of young loved ones who passed away during childbirth or shortly after.

This touching Butterfly Release Memorial takes place Sunday, September 10th, at 1:00 pm, within the tranquil grounds of Erie Memorial Gardens cemetery.

The butterfly release serves as a poignant symbol of life’s delicate and fleeting nature, honouring the indelible impact these precious lives have left behind.

The memorial provides a serene and supportive atmosphere where attendees can share stories, offer comfort, and come together as a community to remember and cherish the lives that touched our hearts, even for a brief moment.

The Erie Shores HealthCare Spiritual Care Committee encourages attendees to bring their friends and family to participate in this heartfelt occasion. Your presence can make a significant difference in offering solace and support to those who have experienced this profound loss.

Join us as we release butterflies to the heavens, celebrating the lives that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Event Details

Sunday, September 10th

1:00 pm

Erie Memorial Gardens Cemetery
209 Erie Street South

Photo by Almada Studio for Pexels

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