Be Kind to the Environment: Enjoy Some Vegetarian and Vegan Alternatives

Kingsville Lions focus on the environment as one of their areas of service. This month we will be talking about the environmental impact of meat consumption and we’ll share some delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Eating less meat can help lower our carbon footprint. Even cutting meat out of your meal plan one day of each week can really help our environment. According to Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model (GLEAM) 50% of methane gas is from ranching globally.

Deforestation due to cattle raising is also a huge factor when thinking of all aspects of cattle ranching and its impact on the environment. Forests are being cut down for grazing animals. Cattle ranching is the reason for 80% of the deforestation in Amazon countries. You can read more about this at Unsustainable Cattle Ranching.

How We Can Help

There’s so much we can do to make a difference!

–  Plant some vegetables. The more vegetables are planted, the better.

– Reduce personal meat consumption. You can find even more helpful information about Meatless Monday at UN Climate Change Report Making You Want to Cut Meat?

– Substitute meat with beans, tofu, legumes, lentils, hemp seeds, soy, green peas and quinoa for plant-based protein. There are also many companies that make specifically vegetarian or vegan products.

By cutting back on meat, you can help save the environment. In the process you will also be protecting animals, your wallet and your own health!

Please do your part to help our home and share information to help preserve the environment.

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Image by Filmbetrachter from Pixabay


  1. Joan Elaine Cope Joan Elaine Cope

    Since I was eating very little meat for some long time now, about a year go I took the plunge and stopped eating it entirely. My reasons were many – the huge detrimental impact on the environment by the animal raising industry was a major one, plus red meat in particular is harmful to our health, let alone the effects of all the antibiotics used to raise livestock. Thanks for the great links provided for more information and recipes.
    I do continue to eat wild caught fish, free range eggs and low fat cottage cheese and low fat Greek yogurt, so am not a ‘real’ vegetarian.

  2. Avatar Michele Green

    Very informative article! Thank you! Looking forward to the future ones!

  3. Avatar Casey van den Heuvel

    Another great article. I love the posts from the Kingsville Lions.

  4. Debbie Cross Debbie Cross

    Very interesting and informative article. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Great article!

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  7. Avatar Stephen J. Zavaros

    Interesting info and points made. Yes, there are many tasty meat substitutes. As people’s incomes rise in developing countries, they usually tend to eat more meat.

  8. Avatar Terry Nadasdi

    Great ideas. Thanks for raising these important issues.

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