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Pet of the Week: Meet Bear

The Kingsville Times is a proud partner and supporter of the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society. As a non-profit organization, the WECHS depends on the generosity of our community to help pets like Bear.

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Meet our Pet of the Week – Bear

Hi … I’m Bear … I know I sound kind of dull and depressed, but it’s just because my mood hasn’t been so great these days. I just haven’t had great luck finding that right home, and it really hurts my heart that I still haven’t found my forever human …

I get that I can be a lot of dog. I mean, I’m a Retriever mix, and us Retrievers like to work and have jobs and lots and lots of activity. When I don’t get the activity and outlets for my energy that I need, I tend to struggle a lot. I jump on people, put my mouth on people, grab the leash — typical dog things but things that I know can be annoying and tricky to deal with, especially in a bigger guy like myself.

I just have a lot of energy and don’t really know what to do with it all. I really am a nice boy, and very very loyal to my people. I just need someone active and patient that will help give me lots of exercise, but also help work my brain too and teach my some proper direction.

I need an adopter that has a lot of time for a guy like me, someone committed and dedicated to doing the right things. It’s best I’m not around younger kiddos, and cats and I really aren’t the best of friends. I do well with other doggos, but again, I can be a bit hyper and obnoxious so might be best it’s a pal that would be well suited for me! Maybe me and other dog can play and burn off energy together!

I know I might sound like I’m asking a lot here … but I do think I’m worth it, especially with the right person. I’m pretty tired of people thinking I’m the boy for them, then realizing just how much energy I have and then before I know it, I’m back here again looking for my forever home.

So, if you do think that you have the right home and lifestyle for a silly, happy, goofy boy like myself, then please take me home and give me all the things I need. I promise to repay you with nothing but complete love, cuddles, and great memories together.

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