Cubs Juliana Miller and Akinese Tomkins Give to Their Communities

We are so happy to share the wonderful work that our 2 Howlers from 2nd Cottam Scouting, (oldest age group in Cubs), Aki and Juliana have worked on to complete the final piece for their esteemed “Seeonee Award” – the highest achievement a Cub can attain.

This pandemic has been very challenging for all of us, and for these youth to put themselves aside and focus on others, is really quite remarkable!


Date: Wednesday October 13th

Time: 430pm

Place: Erie Shores HealthCare — outside on the south part of the property (south of the COVID testing area, marked in blue)

Presentation: Howler Cub Juliana Miller will present hygiene items purchased with monies she has fundraised for, to Erie Shores HealthCare administration, who will pass them on to hospital patients in need

Juliana and Aki picked their own project topics, and decided to make a local and powerful impact on their communities – to help others

Howler Cub Juliana

Juliana has raised monies from family and friends to purchase necessary hygiene items for in patients at Erie Shores HealthCare, such as tooth brushes, hair brushes and hand-held mirrors.

Juliana wanted to make sure she was purchasing items these patients could use, so she wrote a letter to Erie Shores HealthCare administration.

Juliana was accompanied by her Mum, dedicated Scouter Jen/ TicTac, for the duration of these very kind and needed gifts for patients who may not otherwise have items they need for self care.

Howler Cub Aki

Aki planted, grew, harvested and cooked 18 jars of homemade pasta sauce, complete with homemade cut-out fabric toppers and ribbon, an explanation card about her project, and a choice of a bag of pasta to residents in the Harrowwood Seniors Community in Harrow.

Akinese Tomkins resides with her family in the county, close to Harrow. Despite Aki making it very clear to the Harrowwood folks that there was no charge for her gift of sauce and pasta, many residents provided Aki with monies and even some gifts!

A true Cub Scout, Aki, then took some of the monies she raised and gifted it to Juliana to use for her project!

Aki was accompanied by her Mum, dedicated Scouter Amanda, for the entirety of her very thoughtful and well-received offering.

These young girls have faced many challenges in the last couple of years in completing these projects during this unstable and unpredictable time in history.

Please see pics of Aki and her story, written in the Harrow News attached.


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  1. Avatar Larry Patterson

    Thank you Juliana and Akinese your volunteering of hard work and to share with others can only be described as AWESOME and great Community Spirit.
    Larry Patterson

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