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Taste of the County: Patate ‘Mpacchiuse

This dish is typical of Cosentino in Calabria, Italy. The name derives from the fact that preparation causes the potatoes to stick to each other, hence the term mpacchiuse.

Generally this recipe is very simple and is made exclusively of potatoes, but there are versions enriched with onions (mpacchiuse cu i cipuddre) and with peppers (mpacchiuse cu i pipi).

Give this potato recipe a try! It is pure comfort food. This will definitely be a family favourite.

(Sticky Potatoes)


– potatoes

-EVOO extra virgin olive oil

-salt + black pepper


—Take the potatoes, peel them and cut them into very thin slices.

—Take a pan and add plenty of olive oil. Heat the oil and then pour the potato slices into it.

—Cook the potatoes in boiling oil for about 25 minutes, adding the salt only halfway through cooking. Place lid on pan.

—After salting potatoes, add the  onions and put lid on pan.

—Mix the potatoes with a wooden spoon. In this way the potatoes will stick together and remain partly crunchy and partly soft.

—Use as a side dish or eat as is.

Buon Appetito!

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Photos by Rosa Basile-Marrello



  1. One of my favourite way to eat potatoes. ❤

  2. Looks tasty and super easy to prepare.

  3. I enjoy the flavour when potatoes are cooked with onions. This is no exception. Quite tasty.

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