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Food for Thought: Wooden Spoon Bakery Review

Hello Friends. The term “game-changer” gets bandied about a lot these days. Seems like every time I turn on the TV, the game is being changed. Now, I’m not typically a bandwagon jumper, but I really must admit, my game has been changed — as of today.

How so? Well, here goes … and yes, it involves food. Quelle Surprise.

Aziz Fruit Stand

On a whim I happened to stop in at Aziz Fruit Stand in Leamington. While there, I noticed the Wooden Spoon Bakery at the back of the building. I went back to see what they had, and if by some remote chance, any of it was gluten-free … It was! They had a nice selection of gluten-free treats, so I decided to give them a shot. I ordered a gluten-free cinnamon sugar doughnut.

Now, before we go any further I must pause to reflect back on my own stint making doughnuts. I worked for a now-defunct doughnut and coffee spot, and let’s just say it didn’t work out. I did however learn a lot and consume … a lot, and the doughnuts that I did make were spectacular.

Jolene’s gluten-free doughnut from Wooden Spoon Bakery

What I’m trying to imply is that I know a thing or two about doughnuts, not to the point of being Homer Simpson-esque, but thereabouts. I have high expectations when it comes to baked goods. So, given my spotty history with gluten-free baked goods, I figured if it wasn’t good I could always just lob it out the car window on the way home.

No need.

I knew as soon as I touched it, it was gonna be good. I could tell by the dents made by my fingers and thumb, just holding it.

Jolene admiring her Wooden Spoon Bakery doughnut

However, it wasn’t just good. It was amazing, incredible, fresh, delicious and exultant. It was one of the best doughnuts I’ve ever tasted … and it was gluten-free.

It was as though the skies opened up and delivered unto me a delicious sign, that the Universe does indeed have my back.  A loving cinnamon sugar kiss on my forehead, but in my mouth … that I richly deserved. No dense brick-like texture, no pasty weird aftertaste. No gastrointestinal distress, no remorse. Only joy. And just like that my game got changed.

Thank you Wooden Spoon Bakery for being such a wonderful surprise. Thank you for producing actually edible gluten-free treats. But beyond that, thank you for the best gluten-free treat I’ve ever had. Whoever came up with this recipe deserves a hug —  long and awkward.

Sincerely, if you have gluten intolerance but still want to enjoy a baked treat, you need to go to Wooden Spoon Bakery in Leamington at the Aziz Fruit Stand. You need to.

Wooden Spoon Bakery
415 Seacliffe Dr. E
Leamington, ON
N8H 3V7


Aziz Fruit Stand

Wooden Spoon Bakery


Photos by Jolene Carley

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